The Origins of White Grievance

Bully as entertainment

At the moment we develop an awareness of rules, we become mesmerized by those who violate them. If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that the outlaw’s antics captivate us; the bolder his defiance, the greater our fascination. We secretly admire those who defy conventions and the rules that we ourselves feel compelled to follow, but that we in our hearts -despise. This fascination often includes a hero-worship of those who lie and distort reality, and those who are willing to wreak havoc. Reverence for the outlaw seems to be a part…

Is The United States at Risk of Becoming a Dictatorship

During his 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump told the American people that America was broken. He attacked our Judiciary, our electoral system, and the American Media. He told the country that America had lost its way and that he alone could save it. Trump then began to hint that Democracy was not suited for this country, that America needed a great leader, and that he was that leader. In the process, he heaped praise on leaders of repressive regimes like Russia’s Putin and Kim Jong-un of North Korea. When in December…

Convinced that the majority of Americans believe that he is their anointed leader. Candidate Trump moves to have Americans ratify his first term. He seeks a mandate from the public to continue along the same path indefinitely. Ratification is like providing approval after the fact. It’s as if he is saying, show me that you approve of the things that I have done.

The rapidly changing demographics of this country have resulted in a significantly weakened republican party. The party is now like a drowning man desperate for life; he will grab on to anything that might keep him from…

Pandemic of White Supremacist’s Infiltration into Police Departments is lethal to Black and Brown Bodies

Ian Hans Lichtermann is the Philadelphia cop being outed as a white supremacist.

A 2019 investigation found that hundreds of police officers were members of White supremacists hate groups on social media — where they regularly posted racist and anti-Semitic content — including Confederate and anti-governmental groups (Carless and Corey 2019).

Evidence of significant White Supremacist’s penetration into police departments Across the country is well cataloged. According to federal investigators, by 2015, the problem had reached epidemic proportions. That year, there was three times the number of killings by police than in 2014 or prior. This despite a…

There is a disease process that afflicts many African Americans and other minorities in this Country. It is called Stockholm Syndrome. In the arena of politics, Stockholm Syndrome manifests itself when people willingly agree to become instruments in their destruction. For example, when blacks and other minorities knowingly submit to efforts by others to disenfranchise them, or when they willingly support those that promote evils such as coerced segregation, voter suppression, and the building of walls.

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition observed when a victim of abuse identifies, attaches to and bonds positively with the agenda of people who…

The Hypocrisy of Christian Evangelicals

The intersection of the Christian Far Right and the Alt-right movements

Donald Trump, in 2016 won 81 percent of the Christian evangelical vote. Since the election, this group’s devotion to Trump has not wavered. This unholy alliance seems to be at odds with the core principals of the evangelical movement, namely that, “Character matters.” The notion was given full expression during the Clinton impeachment trial, which arose out of his illicit relationship with Monica Lewinski. Throughout the trial, Evangelicals maintained that President Clinton should have been impeached, asserting that his behavior in office fell below…

America’s Covenant with Evil

Last week the Republican party presented its much-ballyhooed police reform bill. The Bill was introduced under the mantra, “we hear you.” The substance of the Bill suggests that a more appropriate mantra would have been, “we hear you, but we choose to ignore you.

The growing International protest movement which arose out of the murder of George Floyd and others will undoubtedly result in sweeping legislation to curb police brutality. New laws are needed. For our republic to reach its full potential, blacks have to as well. The vestiges of white supremacy must be removed. Society has to accommodate a new reality of equality. The world now seems to recognize this. However, if past is prologue, we can expect to see patterns of counter legislation that will be enacted to even the score, and perhaps make matters worse.

Newton’s third law asserts that for…

Nato Troops

German Chancellor Merkel exhorts America to seek reconciliation after Murder of Floyd

I had just finished my daily, well almost daily, COVID 19 home work out routine, when I grabbed my phone as I made my way toward the shower. Flipping through the various news stories. I was stopped in my tracks by a News Feed which read, “Angela Merkel calls for reconciliation after the ‘Terrible’ Floyd murder. Wow, I thought as I stepped into the shower. People across the globe are taking our movement seriously, if they are mixing it up in the streets in Germany; over the death…

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The Consequences of Bad Leadership

Protests in relation to the redress of grievances .

On May 30, 2020, Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walsh stated that the overwhelming majority of protesters have been peaceful. His Lt. Governor fine-tuned the conversation, noting that there were detractors. He mentioned that anarchists and White Supremacists were fueling the flames with violence. These claims are corroborated by other public officials across the country.

Still, it is difficult to be sure. The media directs our eyes toward what it wants us to see. Most often what it targets is violence.

Many legitimate protest movements get…

Patrick Cage

Patrick B. Cage is a Labor Lawyer, and Author. His recent book, “Profound Secrets of Jesus and His Inner Circle.” Is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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