A History of Counter Measures

Patrick Cage
9 min readJun 13, 2020

The growing International protest movement which arose out of the murder of George Floyd and others will undoubtedly result in sweeping legislation to curb police brutality. New laws are needed. For our republic to reach its full potential, blacks have to as well. The vestiges of white supremacy must be removed. Society has to accommodate a new reality of equality. The world now seems to recognize this. However, if past is prologue, we can expect to see patterns of counter legislation that will be enacted to even the score, and perhaps make matters worse.

Newton’s third law asserts that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. African Americans and those supporting our causes should pay particular heed to this. Every legal, constitutional and Statutory advancement from the end of slavery; to the civil rights Statutes, to affirmative action has been met with a series of opposing legislation aimed at nullifying any improvements. In some instances, the counter legislation has had the effect of virtually neutralizing the statute. The Lincoln emancipation proclamation was met with a set of laws that nearly nullified the thirteenth amendment. The Civil rights statutes of the sixties were likewise met with a series of draconian measures that resulted in the mass incarceration of black males. The landmark school desegregation decision, Brown v Board of Education led to mass white flight . https://www.loc.gov/exhibits/brown/brown-aftermath.html

If this pattern holds, and there is evidence that it will, Floyd’s death will likewise lead to the passage of various State, Federal, and local statutory schemes to curb racism and police brutality. Elected officials will celebrate the ensuing legislative triumphs as a Huge step forward toward the goal of eradicating racism and police brutality. These measures will, for the most part, assuage the collective guilt of whites. Blacks will celebrate; some will be skeptical. Still, calm will result, and a relative peace will spread across the land. That is until the next tragedy occurs.

Afterward, there will be a less well-publicized counter. Southern working-class whites and white supremacists will feel like they have been left behind. They will establish their own legislative priorities. This group represents a large and highly coveted voting block. Politicians ,most…

Patrick Cage

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