Patrick Cage
11 min readJul 14, 2020

The Hypocrisy of Christian Evangelicals

The intersection of the Christian Far Right and the Alt-right movements

Donald Trump, in 2016 won 81 percent of the Christian evangelical vote. Since the election, this group’s devotion to Trump has not wavered. This unholy alliance seems to be at odds with the core principals of the evangelical movement, namely that, “Character matters.” The notion was given full expression during the Clinton impeachment trial, which arose out of his illicit relationship with Monica Lewinski. Throughout the trial, Evangelicals maintained that President Clinton should have been impeached, asserting that his behavior in office fell below standards of conduct evangelicals thought was appropriate for the office of the President. While many disagreed with them on this point, it was easy to understand their opposition to Clinton, which seemed to be on Moral and religious grounds. Voting, after all, is said to be the ultimate form of self-expression.

That was until Donald Trump entered the picture. The idea that “character matters” does not square with the cult-like loyalty Christian evangelicals display for Donald Trump. Trump has been creditably accused of sexual misconduct by at least Twenty women. He has told over ten-thousand documented lies to the American people, as revealed by the New York Times and other publications. There are scores of examples that illustrate that Trump has used the…

Patrick Cage

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