Trump’s Quest for Ratification of the Absurd

Patrick Cage
10 min readOct 15, 2020

Convinced that the majority of Americans believe that he is their anointed leader. Candidate Trump moves to have Americans ratify his first term. He seeks a mandate from the public to continue along the same path indefinitely. Ratification is like providing approval after the fact. It’s as if he is saying, show me that you approve of the things that I have done.

The rapidly changing demographics of this country have resulted in a significantly weakened republican party. The party is now like a drowning man desperate for life; he will grab on to anything that might keep him from going under. The initial reaction to this existential threat was to limit access to the ballot and to appoint Judges who will endorse this strategy when cases end up in court. The United States Supreme court, under Chief Justice Roberts, has adopted a States Rights approach to voting. The Roberts court has determined it is the States and not the Federal government’s responsibility to determine eligibility Standards for voting. While this strategy has had a huge impact on voting, it is not new, and Democrats have been aggressive in combating these efforts.

However, Donald Trump’s character presents conservatives with a unique opportunity for survival. To comprehend how, it is important first to understand that Trump has no working morality, he would sacrifice his son to flesh-eating cannibals’ if he thought it would get him reelected. As an example, was anyone surprised by Trump’s refusal to denounce White Supremacy at his recent debate.

Republicans have sanctioned a public outreach to factions that no self-respecting political party in the modern age would want to be associated with. The ideologies keeping the party alive today are largely spawned by racist strains that seek to destroy. It should come as a surprise to no one that right-wing media has been quick to lend its support.

Because the party can no longer be selective, it is forced to make prime space within its ideological tent available to White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, QAnon, and other fringe groups. Their ideologies in the past would have been considered repugnant. The sinister thread shared by most of these groups is their inclusion on FBI lists of domestic terror threat groups. It is worth noting that Neo-Nazis and many white…

Patrick Cage

Patrick B. Cage is a Labor Lawyer, and Author. His recent book, “Profound Secrets of Jesus and His Inner Circle.” Is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.